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Aleister Crowley THOTH Tarot Reading: THREE MONTHS or CELTIC CROSS


With this purchase I will provide you with the written results of a Tarot card reading. I can also provide a photo attachment of the cards as they looked when the reading was done. I use my Aleister Crowley THOTH Tarot Deck for this reading, which can get a bit elaborate. The perfect choice if you've had readings before, and are ready to hear something a bit deeper.

Please choose one of the following readings:

CELTIC CROSS - Generalized long reading that delves into all areas of the querent - spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. Ten cards are dealt, including outcome.

THREE-MONTHS - This reading tells only the future . I deal nine cards, three for each of the next three months, pertaining to the querent.


*If you'd like to schedule an in-person, telephone, or Skype session, please contact me prior to purchase to make an appointment.



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