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Dream Interpretation Report


What is your dream trying to convey?

Most psychics and psychologists agree that remembered dreams are often significant: You remember the dream because it is supposed to help you in some way. Sometimes, however, it's hard to make heads or tails of these far-out dreams...

With this package, you will need to provide me with the details of your dream, such as: setting, characters, colors, sounds, smells, emotions, actions, "things" present, and how you felt when you woke up.

I base the core of my findings on my own psychic abilities, but I also utilize various references and resources on hand such as books on dreams, dreaming, symbology, psychology, precognition, past lives, and Gypsy lore. Usually, the books only strengthen my own feelings about the interpretation, but are often able to elaborate on specific elements.

I will write a written report personally for you, telling you what this dream meant - was it literal? Symbolic? A precognition, perhaps? A glimpse into a past life? I will also advise you on whether or not to take action, and what your choices in the situation may be.

This package includes an emailed report only. If you would like a hard copy, let me know; I generally charge five dollars.

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