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Clairvoyant Reading


What does your future look like? I can help you find out! Clairvoyancy is probably my strongest ability, and it is my duty to share my gift and help others. With this purchase, I will give you general and specific information about YOUR future.

In this reading I try to include at least TWO of these four things:





This reading takes quite a lot out of me...I try my very best to get as specific as possible. Sometimes, not much is provided for me; other times, things are crystal clear.

It does help, in this case, if you pick two categories for me to focus on (such as LOVE and CAREER). If you would like all four, please contact me prior to purchase. In some cases, I will revert to my Tarot cards, as it gives me images to work with, but this reading becomes more specific, in general.

The results of the reading will be sent to you via email, as an attachment. As a writer I can promise you that the results will be personalized, specific, and clear. My writing is as straightforward as if I were in front of you, talking! In some circumstances, a conversation on the telephone is necessary. I will let you know if this is the case, and it would not be an extra charge.

*If you'd like to schedule an in-person, telephone, or Skype session, please contact me prior to purchase to make an appointment. These are $75.00 an hour.

Name, pick two categories of focus, email address?

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