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Investigative Mediumship


Are you having weird things happen in your home, business, or property? Have you seen or heard or felt something such as a ghost? Allow me to do an investigation in order to get you some answers as to what is going on! Investigative Mediumship involves a medium (ME) coming into your residence (property, business, etc) and investigating to discover what spirits or entities are at the location. This requires physical investigation (walking around the location), and the clients are advised to follow the medium's lead. Please note that we do not control who comes through - sometimes Spirit who has passed on centuries ago, sometimes a recently deceased loved one, and less frequently an "inhuman entity" in which case I would recommend a full House/Property Cleansing. The investigation can take up to two hours. I DO travel, so if you are not near Valparaiso Indiana (Northwestern Indiana), contact me for the estimated travel fees charged (50 cents or less a mile, after the first 30 miles). Let's get your property clear and feeling POSITIVE !!!

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