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Chakra Opening includes Stones


When our chakras are unbalanced, when one or more is closed, or open too much or too often, it can affect everything: our bodies, our states of mind, our emotional state, and our mentality. Balancing these chakras - these seven energy centers - takes time, meditation, and focus. I can help you to do this.

This requires stone work, on your part. Therefore, this package includes seven polished stones that correspond to your chakras, generally being amethyst, lapis, turquoise, citrine, aventurine, carnelian, and jasper.

For this package I will need your name and, if possible, a photo of yourself. I will work on you through meditation and write your personalized report which will be detailed yet easy to understand. The report includes a summary of what chakras you need the most work on, how to fix this, and how to sustain balance. The report will be emailed to you when finished, and I will be available through email if you have any questions.

A hard copy of the report, as well as your chakra stones, will be mailed to you.

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