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21+ Card Long ROMANY SPREAD - Past, Present, Future *Deck Choice*



The very old Romany Spread consists of 21 cards, distrubuted in three rows. The top row signifies the past, the middle row represents the present, and the last row shows the future.

Although this spread is listed as a 21-card spread, I often turn over extra cards now and then, when I feel something important needs clarity. This is probably the most thorough spread; it succeeds in both validating the process (by showing me what has happened in your past) and also shows a clear picture of future events.

With this purchase you get your deck choice, as well. You can choose from four decks:





The photos show the decks in this order.

Please be sure to add your first name, email address, and deck choice when purchasing this item. The results will be photographed and emailed to you, unless you'd like to Skype or do a live reading. In the latter case, please contact me before purchasing.

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