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Are you wanting to try something different for your next gathering? Get some friends together for an entertaining and perhaps enlightening few hours!

In general, my parties consist of three to eleven people (3 minimum / 11 maximum).

I charge an hourly rate of $100.00.

It is best if I am set up in a separate room, so that I may do one (private) reading at a time.

There will be a time limit on each reading that can be determined by myself and the host(ess). Usually the limit is 20 or 30 minutes per person.

I will require a 20 minute break at some point during the party.

Payments can be made in cash or through PayPal, and $100 deposit is usually required.


***For parties, I offer ONLY these services:

Tarot readings

Chakra Balancing (*requires notification beforehand)

Clairvoyant readings (answering specific questions)

***If you are interested in any other services, I recommend scheduling a one-on-one appointment.



Email me at [email protected]


Text me at 219-508-9269



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