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Spirit Animal Reading


Which Spirit Animal is with YOU? With this reading, I will provide you with the answer to that question. Using clairvoyance and cards, I'll tune into YOU. With the help of ancient knowledge and beliefs, your Spirit Animal will reveal itself. You can call on it for aid, learn from it, and be guided by it. This reading includes your strengths and weaknesses, and WHY your Spirit Animal is what it is, at this point in time. Is it leading you to health? Is it protecting you from someone or something? Is it representing your strengths/weaknesses? Questions such as these will be answered in this entertaining report. The 1-2 page report will be done personally for you, after purchase. Nothing on my site is pre-made! This package includes an emailed report only. If you would like a hard copy, let me know; I generally charge five dollars. *I will need your: Name, birthday (not year), email address.

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