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Made To Order For YOU ! Healing Necklace w Natural Stones


This listing is for a custom and one-of-a-kind handmade necklace, made-to-order, using natural stones and crystals. Please take a look at my examples; there are many variations possible. Either you can choose the stones, or I will assess which ones you need the most right now. :) I have some older (vintage), excellent stone chips that are hard to find, nowadays, such as pre-1989 Colombian Aquamarine chips, pre-1989 Brazilian Amethyst chips, mined in the USA (AZ or NM) pre-1989 Turquoise chips, and older pre-1989 mined Aventurine chips. These 100% natural stone chips retain all of the healing and metaphysical properties that can be found in their type. None of my stones and stone chips are dyed, unless I otherwise stipulate. You can choose gold-colored metal, silver-colored metal, or gunmetal. You can choose the length, the clasp type, and whether ot not you want a long or short drop. I can make matching earrings or a fabulous bracelet for extra. I have gotten great feedback on my healing necklaces! Most of these have been sold in person, and not online. Let's work together to make you something that brings you fantastic energy, and helps you to heal in areas specific to YOU. *For photos of all my current stones and beads available to choose from, just click on PHOTO GALLERY. Thanks for looking!

Would you like to pick the stones, or have me assess what I think you need?

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