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HEALING ENERGY WORK Have you heard of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, or Healing Touch? What I do is mostly self-taught, coming from not only a "knowingness" but also something (Divine Guidance) greater than myself. I believe I also have retained some information from past lives, and have chosen to combine the parts that seem to resonate the best for me and for clients. It is very similar to methods such as Reiki. It is, like many of my methods, essentially a combination of cultures and techniques. Over the years, many clients have claimed how much better they feel after I perform my healing techniques. This method focuses primarily on the physical body, as I work to first find trouble areas (if unknown) and then channel healing energy. I also take away the illness, and am able to dispose of it properly. Of course all of this can tap into the emotional and spiritual energy; they are all interconnected. This can be done via distance or in-person! Energy has no bounds! One session = $100.00

What is your main concern? Body area? Illness?

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